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Saral Tutorial for Fisheries Department
Sr. NoDepartmentService/Scheme NameTypeKMSDownload
Sr. NoDepartmentService/Scheme NameTypeKMSDownload
1Fisheries DepartmentAssistance on lease amount of pondSchemeViewView
2Fisheries DepartmentCapital cost and Working Capital Input for the Establishment of Recirculatory Aquaculture SystemSchemeViewView
3Fisheries DepartmentConstruction of Circular Hatchery for Rearing of FingerlingSchemeViewView
4Fisheries DepartmentConstruction of new ponds tanksSchemeViewView
5Fisheries DepartmentConstruction of new ponds tanks including construction of sluice gates civil works for water supply and aeration appliances feed storing shed etc SchemeViewView
6Fisheries DepartmentCraft and gear Unit boats of appropriate sizes including fishing nets fish and ice holding boxes etc SchemeViewView
7Fisheries DepartmentDevelopment of Waterlogged areasSchemeViewView
8Fisheries DepartmentExcavation of Pond for rearing of FingerlingSchemeViewView
9Fisheries DepartmentFinancial assistance for the creation of infrastructure of saline areas Excavation of Ponds SchemeViewView
10Fisheries DepartmentFinancial assistance for the inputs required for saline areas Inputs SchemeViewView
11Fisheries DepartmentFinancial assistance on the auction amount of Notified watersSchemeViewView
12Fisheries DepartmentFor freshwater fish culture unit cost includes cost of fish seed feed manure disease prevention measures transportation charges etc SchemeViewView
13Fisheries DepartmentInput costSchemeViewView
14Fisheries DepartmentInputs cost Water Logged Area seed feed Manure fertilizers preventing measures for disease transportation charges etc SchemeViewView
15Fisheries DepartmentRenovation of Existing ponds tanks repair and strengthening of bunds repair of electrical and water supply works and other accessories equipment de installation repair installation of sluice gates site clearing dewatering etc SchemeViewView
16Fisheries DepartmentSubsidy for the establishment of small scale and medium scale backyard ornamental fish hatcherySchemeViewView
17Fisheries DepartmentSubsidy on inputs pelleted feed SchemeViewView
18Fisheries DepartmentSubsidy on installation of AeratorSchemeViewView
19Fisheries DepartmentSubsidy on installation of Deep Tube wellSchemeViewView
20Fisheries DepartmentSubsidy on installation of Shallow Tube wellSchemeViewView
21Fisheries DepartmentSubsidy on purchase of fishing netsSchemeViewView
22Fisheries DepartmentSubsidy on the Rent of Wholesale and RetailSchemeViewView
23Fisheries DepartmentTraining stipend to fish farmersSchemeViewView